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Unpopular Opinion


I think it’s more so the people who fawn over Gir but have no idea what it is or what actualy went into making the show…


I think the GIR hate comes from the Hot Topic shirts and merch that feature pretty much GIR only because he sales the most. Oh, and all the fans who like GIR and only GIR and may or may not have actually watched the series.

I don’t hate GIR and am a GIR fan, but I can understand why people get upset/annoyed by GIR fans? Doesn’t make it right, but I get the mindset.


It’s not gir FANS. It’s posting Gir-wear in the Invader Zim tag. Also the fact that the IZ tag is filled ONLY with old-as-hell and over used and pixelated gifs of Gir and of Gir quotes that are honestly annoying as hell by now. No one cares about the dead cupcake rip it’s been 10 years already calm down


My blog is dedicated to ALL kinds of IZ stuff. I don’t like to discriminate. Like at all. So, I do have some GIR art because there is some quality stuff out there. And not all Gir fans are nuts. But, like Angi said, I’m just tired of people tagging their shirts that they’re wearing that day as ‘Invader Zim’…

I’m just done.

I know how you all feel. I used to feel that passionately about it too. But it’s like you said, they have no idea about the rest of the show. Many people don’t even know that IZ exists; they just know the face of GIR from Hot Topic. Sure that’s annoying to big fans of the show such as ourselves, but is it worse than all those people having no connection to the show?

Let’s be honest. The casual GIR fans greatly outnumber the people who enjoy the show as a whole. That’s what kept the show as alive as it is now. Many of those GIR fans watched the show and learned to love the rest of it. 

I know that it is frustrating to see something you really love being ignored while a small section of it is worshiped, but is it really worth the hate? Kids are talking about something they love, and that just happens to be GIR. They tag all their posts with things they find cool (as dumb as they may seem to you), and they just want to share that with people. It’s harmless and frankly doesn’t deserve to be treated with such anger. Also it is the GIR tag. Why are you getting so up in arms about people tagging Invader Zim when they want to show their GIR shirts? You’re say that you’re so done and that they need to calm down. I really don’t think they are ones that need to calm down here. 

Most of these posters are young! I’m sure that some of us were like that before. We didn’t know how to tag things properly, or was obsessed with something that we later realized wasn’t as good as we thought. That’s life. Let them learn.

I say this all the time, and I’ll give the story again. All these GIR posts in the Invader Zim tag are what caused me to make the blog a year ago. But I didn’t focus on bashing them or trying to drive those people out of the fandom. I wanted to fill the tag with what I thought was a much better representation of the show through my own posts. I thought that maybe then there could be a bigger presence of Zim fans here on Tumblr, and maybe some of those GIR fans would see this material and get into the show even more.

Now there are many more hardcore Zim fans around, but unfortunately more hate as well.